By Mike Harris

What if I told you that the best place to begin your “Halloweekend” was at the library?

Don’t believe me?

Last Wednesday, the Loyola Notre Dame Library donned an unfamiliar look. With the lobby draped in dark Halloween-themed décor, students circulated in awe to check out the commotion. Just before the entrance to the main chamber of the library, a variety of fall snacks such as powdered donuts and apple cider awaited library patrons to get them in the holiday spirit.


A big attention grabber was the costume set. Adjacent to the snacks, the Library Social Media members lined up a Halloween-themed background and a camera, alongside a variety of costume choices. Students threw on the costumes and posed for pictures with friends, which drew tons of laughs and smiles.


When asked what she thought of the event, junior Kristi Liguori said, “It was really cool that they had this in the library. I would want to come here more often if this was how it was every day.” Surely the event was a hit, but how often are these events held? Bria Langston, member of the Loyola Notre Dame Library Social Media Committee said, “We do about one a year, with the Halloween event being our big one this year.” She added that the main purpose of the event was to promote the library’s social media outlets. To cap off a great day at the library, junior Kristen Harold added, “it was a great way to take a study break and have some fun with my friends! Between the food and the costumes, I am ready for Halloween already!”

On this day the library was nothing short of spook-tacular!


For more information about the LNDL Social Media Committee, visit them on Twitter:



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