S#6 Cami Whiteford

Practice, condition, lift, repeat. The daily schedule of a college student athlete is tedious and exhausting, but is something that can easily be taken advantage of when a player is suddenly unable to do any of it due to injury.

Injuries occur in every sport, and vary in severity and recovery time. One injury that all athletes hope to avoid is the tearing of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL. With at least a nine month recovery period, this injury becomes season-ending for an athlete.


Katrina Geiger

Katrina Geiger, red-shirt junior on the Loyola Women’s Lacrosse team, explains how hard it is to stay motivated throughout the entire ACL recovery process. “Finding the motivation to keep working hard isn’t always easy,” she mentions,  “but your teammates surrounding you makes the whole process a lot easier.”


Geiger, who tore her ACL in the fall of her sophomore year, was expected to be a standout player for the Greyhounds. The injury prevented her from playing during season, which she recalls as being very hard. Geiger worked to look past the negatives and find the positives, which for her was, “knowing that getting through it was going to make her a stronger person.”

Although the injury is tough, athletes continue to recover and come back stronger than ever. Sabrina Tabasso, red-shirt sophomore on the Loyola Women’s Lacrosse team, proves that ACL recovery is possible by being a member of the winning indoor team for the Loyola Indoor Lax Battle this November.

Geiger also proved that the effort put into the recovery is worth it by coming back stronger and faster than ever. For her, “knowing that [she] would get to the light at the end of the tunnel,” motivated her to keep pushing forward.

“Looking back,” Geiger states, “I am so grateful and thankful that I never gave up.”



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