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Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator who started out with a law degree, but eventually developed a philosophical and revolutionary method of educating people throughout the Great Depression and onwards throughout the 20th century. He believed it was essential to change the way student and teachers interacted. Freire thought the relationship should be based more off of dialogue rather than representing a figure of oppression and the oppressed, similar to his tough upbringing as a poor child.

The overall intention is to initiate a transformation by having community meetings and stray away from lecturing and telling, and go towards discussing and thinking critically. He goes on to describe the process in a transcribed interview in which he relates institutions to oppression and middle class as the oppressed.

In the Christine Paul reading, the combination of art and technology is discussed, especially in the sense that during recent years, the world of digital art has exploded with the advancement of various technologies.

However, Nancy Burson seemed to catch my eye. She utilized early forms of digital imaging to layer the faces of various famous celebrities into one. This technique was called composite imagery. It reminds me of the early stages of photoshopping and perceptions of beauty using digital art.


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