Project 3 Proposal and Artist Research

For this final project, I have decided to depict the digital age and my concept of self by utilizing 3D printing. I believe that digital media has completely changed the way we see ourselves and others in the world. It amazes me how deeply we are connected through things like the internet and social media. However, it has also had some adverse effects. For example, anybody can create an identity that doesn’t necessarily match up with real life. Also, I think that people have grown to prefer these new forms of communication, whether it be social media or texting, it has consumed our mind in a way.

My project aims to visually depict this concept into three parts. It will have my 3D printed hand, covered in wires, computer chips, buttons, and different metals. Then, I will 3D print a small toy brain, which the hand will be holding. This is representative of how humans and technology have become so close, and how it has become a part of us. Everyday our mind is constantly obsessing over all the different things something as common as an iPhone can offer us. All this rapid and constant change can have an effect on our mind in a social environment, as well as our identity formation within such a technologically based society.




I chose to research Joshua Harker. He is one of the most well-known artists in the field of 3D sculpting, and really laid the foundation for many who followed him. He began with art such as designing toys, sculpting, and eventually became the CEO of a boutique design firm. However, he didn’t stop there. After some advancements in technology and a vision beyond his time, he was able to create a name for himself. With the help of social media, he used a Kickstarter to fund his “Crania Anatomica” project. This really put his work on an international stage and he continues to produce amazing work such as “Tangled” and has caught the attention of other famous artists. A quote of his that stuck out to me was, ““My art is about pushing the limits of form & dimensions to share my visions… an exploration into what can be made & how to accomplish it in effort to tell a story or create an experience.” This is partially what motivated my project and I look forward to making something that is more experimental and experiential.



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